New telemed add-on manages risk, aims to avert lawsuits in wound care

A new technology solution hopes to help long-term care professionals avoid potential lawsuits, long before a wound even heals.


Illinois-based Telemedicine Solutions LLC has announced the launch of its WoundRounds Defender, which is a feature set of its telemedicine platform for treating wounds. The add-on helps those in skilled nursing to automate documentation, from admission to discharge, as well as photographing wounds of high-risk patients.


This can come especially in handy, the company notes, for documenting complex wounds, pressure ulcers and infections, which can pose the greatest potential liability to long-term care operators.


“WoundRounds Defender gives healthcare providers legal peace of mind so they can focus on delivering the best care and patient outcomes,” Mike Diamond, CEO of Telemedicine Solutions, said in a release. “The launch of WoundRounds Defender further positions WoundRounds as the leading wound management and risk prevention solution for healthcare providers.”