Spend a Minute, Save a Life

Inlow’s 60-Second Diabetic Foot Screen


Boulton states that “throughout our medical training, we are taught how to manage patients who present with symptoms, which usually leads to a clinical examination, a diagnosis, and a treatment and management plan. However, virtually no time is spent on teaching how to manage patients who have no symptoms because they have lost the ability to feel pain; that is, they have peripheral neuropathy.”1 Clinical experience and the literature1 have shown us that the lack of symptoms Boulton referred to in those with or at risk for diabetic foot complications can have devastating effects on the person, their family and health systems. As clinicians, we have the opportunity, and the obligation, to step in and fill the gap left when peripheral neuropathy is present, or potentially present, in any of our patients. The key is a simple, quick procedure: foot screening … read more